Blauverd, a relationship based on trust

We have a team of extensively trained people in many different types of works and projects, allowing the customer to find the best solutions (technical and economical) to each specific situation.

The proper coordination between the professionals involved in the work is the key to be able to reduce costs and meet deadlines therefore increasing the final quality.

Our coordination and advisory activities cover more than just constructive solutions. We also advise on our customer engineering, such as machinery, plant or specific equipment installations (access to the building, performing electrical, fluids or gases connections, implementation of bedplates, anchoring machines, etc ...) thus allowing the project implementation within the agreed time and with the required quality.

Our quick response and better final quality of the work done is due to have our own skilled workforce and also a network of specialists trained by industry professionals.
We can meet your entire needs in terms of maintenance, expansion or renovation both in the industrial sector and also on the services sector in buildings, residential complexes, commercial spaces or administration, including all kinds of interventions.